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Underwear and Lingerie Quality Management

Underwear and Lingerie Quality Management Experts

Experts Specialising in Underwear and Lingerie Quality Management

SgT’s lingerie and underwear experts understand the 4 main challenges that your brand faces in this industry:

Guaranteeing a High Level of Comfort and the Right Fit in Lingerie and Underwear for Different Markets and Different Body Shapes

Lingerie and Underwear Brands Must Guarantee a High Level of Comfort and the Right Fit for Different Markets and Different Body Shapes

SgT can propose bespoke technical innovations and textile quality management solutions to ensure comfort and fit.

Assuring that lingerie and underwear match customer expectations of functionality

Your Brand Must Ensure That Your Products Match with Customer Expectations of Functionality

SgT can support lingerie and underwear brands to assure excellent functionality through technical & performance evaluation, or proposing a fabric solutions package (quality control, functional lab testing, etc).

Assuring that underwear and lingerie are safe for skin contact

Your Brand must Ensure that Underwear and Lingerie are Safe for Skin Contact and that a High Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene is Guaranteed in their Production

SgT offer bespoke fabric testing, such as laboratory testing, to assure that your product’s fabric and textiles are compliant with industry standards and safe for consumers to wear.

Find the right suppliers who can handle your underwear and lingerie's production process

You Must Find the Right Suppliers, with the Right Know-How and Technology, Who Are Able to Handle Your Underwear & Lingerie’s Production Process

SgT are able to source and evaluate lingerie and underwear producers for your brand, meaning that you can relax knowing that your brand’s image won’t be damaged by poor workmanship, quality, etc.

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