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Understanding Unique Textile Product Categories

Quality is an intrinsic value of our customers’ products, guaranteeing their competitive advantage.

Accordingly, our aim is to help our customers to define the best quality management model according to their textile product categories, and constraints. To achieve this, we adapt the expertise and profiles of our teams to match our customers’ market sectors and products. We are able to further specialize our teams by market segment and product categories.

Textile Product Categories SgT Work With

Textile Product Categories: Finished Garments

Finished Garments

  • Woven
  • Knit (cut and sewn or circular)
  • Sweaters
  • Constructed garments
  • Feather & Down, laminated
  • Bounded, functional
  • Denim / jeans
  • Underwear
Textile Product Categories: Leather


  • Hides
  • SLGs
  • Leather bags
  • Leather garments
  • Shoes
Textile Product Categories: Fabrics


  • Natural fibers: silk / cotton / wool & natural fibers blend
  • Light silk fabrics (chiffon, charmeuse, voile)
  • Greige and PFD
  • Yarn dyed, all over print/ placed prints
  • Synthetic
  • Knits and heavy knits
Textile Product Categories: Bags and Leather

Bags and Leather

  • Hand bags (textile and / or leather)
  • Travel bags
  • Suitcases
  • Back packs
Textile Product Categories: Home Textiles

Home Textiles

  • Bed wear (bed linen, bed covers, pillow cases…)
  • Quilts
  • Cushions
  • Bathroom wear (terry, towels, bathrobes..)
Textile Product Categories: Trims & Accessories

Trims & Accessories

  • Zippers, buttons, snaps
  • Elastic, laces, fusing
Textile Product Categories: Footwear


  • Sport
  • Casual
  • Functional
  • Formal men and women

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