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Luxury Clothing Quality Management

Luxury clothing quality management experts

Experts Specialising In Luxury Clothing Quality Management

We know that your brand is unique

You expect a partner who can understand this uniqueness and include it in its way of handling and controlling the quality of your products.

  • Your brand is unique
  • Your designs are unique
  • Your know-how is unique
SgT understand that luxury clothing quality is paramount

Your Clothing’s Quality Is Paramount

You expect a partner who has the necessary know-how and understanding of your markets and your customers. That way, quality becomes neither a question nor a concern, but a fact.

  • We recognise that your customers always expect a perfect product
Luxury Clothing Brands Are Exposed to Quality and Compliance Risks

Luxury Clothing Brands Are Exposed to Quality and Compliance Risks

You need a partner who helps you to ensure 100% that your products and production means comply.

  • Negative impact of non- compliance is not an option
  • Your products must comply with regulations, and furthermore your vendors must comply with international ' best practices ' and standards
SgT share your luxury brand's values

We Share Your Luxury Brand’s Values

At SgT we have a clear understanding of luxury brand image.

The branding of our solution, the know-how of our people, and our reputation are our strengths and enable us to be unique in our segment.

We are not a "QC company," we are not an "inspection company," we are not a "service provider;" we are a leader in Textile Quality Management Solutions.

SgT are Committed to Providing World-Class Expertise and Specialisation

We Commit to Providing World-Class Expertise and Specialisation

When we start working with a new luxury clothing customer, we prefer to begin at a slow pace to ensure a learning curve.

Understanding our customers, their brands, and their clients is essential in ensuring we perform properly and add value.

Every new project includes a ' know-how transfer ' program as to guarantee we understand your customers' expectations from the beginning. We intend to create trust and to have a trusted credibility with both our customers and vendors.

SgT Commit to Understanding Your Culture and Expectations

We Commit to Understanding Your Culture and Expectations

Every detail counts and we prefer to remain a tailor-made service with an exclusive relationship with our customers. We offer :

  • Comprehensive interventions (top of production, during production, once production completed)
  • Special inline inspection procedure focusing on respect of pattern and gradation
  • Special final inspection procedure focused on fitting, clear definition of majors, stricter control of appearance

You can also ensure the highest level of quality with 100% control of each piece produced.

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