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Children’s Wear Quality Management

Children’s Wear Quality Management, Because Consumers have very high expectations

Children's Wear Consumers Have Very High Expectations

Garments for a child, toddler or baby are very often an “emotional” purchase. Safety concerns are non-negotiable from a consumers’ perspective, and expectations on safety; physical, chemical and thermal risks, are high.

Children's Wear Brands and Distributors Have a Very High Exposure Level

Brands and Distributors Have a Very High Exposure Level

Negative impact of non-compliance is not an option. Our customers must comply strictly to market regulations; their suppliers must follow international best practices and standards.

Our customers expect to work with a quality management partner that enables them to guarantee 100% the non - harmful properties of their products and the ' best practices ' of their vendors.

Children's wear is subject to very intensive usage

Children's Wear Is Subject to Very Intensive Usage

Children, toddlers and babies wear should be functional (easy to put on), cute (colors), gentle and smooth (quality of fabrics), easy to maintain (care label, dimensional stability, etc), and have a good ratio of price to quality.
All quality aspects of the product, whether perceived or intrinsic, must be taken into consideration. Fabrics functionality, fitting, head opening, design, and finishing are all parts of quality control, but must also be monitored up stream through active control steps during development and production.

Responsible Children's Wear Production: Good for baby, good for Earth

“Good for Baby, Good for Earth”

To produce garments for children, toddlers and babies today requires consideration of the longer-term impacts and sustainability of the products. Suppliers and brands are expected to follow international standards and best practices in terms of social and environmental compliance.

At SgT, we have a clear understanding of children's, toddler's, and baby clothing manufacturers and their brand's challenges. We have specialized teams and managers who include children's wear concerns in the daily operation processes of controls, audits, and testing.

We commit to providing our customers the right level of expertise for their products. We wish to create trust and have strong credibility amongst our customers and their suppliers.

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