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Sustainable Textiles Academy

Gain Sustainability knowledge with training classes & reading resources.

On-site and classroom training on various topics

  • Environmental / Chemical Management & Assessment
  • Sustainability in Textiles & Fashion
  • SAC approved Higg Index FEM 3.0 Training
  • Higg Index Capacity Building
  • Detox Assessment – Capacity Building & Training
  • Carbon Footprint in Textiles & Fashion
  • Environmental Footprints (Carbon, Water, Energy & Ecological)
  • Textile Product Life Cycle Assessment

 SgT also offers additional support via different reading resources (blog articles, newsletters, e-books, etc.) to do more research on the topics covered in training.


Textile sustainability reading resources

Blogs, newsletters, e-books, webinars, etc to do more research into the topics which are covered in training.


Main benefits:

  • Decreased Production Costs thanks to enhanced knowledge of your teams and partners which leads to better practice
  • Improved Corporate Culture Sustainability becomes part of your corporate culture


SgT’s Added Value

Training can also be co-developed with you on a specific topic and in your language.