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Recycling Verification Services

Verify and validate the authenticity of your recycled products and processes throughout its lifecycle.

Supply Chain Traceability & Validation

Assessment and validation of the percentage of post-consumer, post-industrial or total recycled content contained in a product as well as the authentication of its raw material sources.

Recycled Content Preparation & Validation

Consulting service to help you ensure that a recycled product has the right percentage of recycled content.

Recycled Product Footprint

Quantification of a recycled product’s environmental impact vs. a virgin product. Recommendations and action plan to ensure the recycled environmental footprint is positively different than the one of a virgin product.




Main benefits:

  • Ensure environmental compliance with independent 3rd party proof-checking the recycling claims on your products.
  • Secure brand image by providing transparent and accurate answers to your clients questioning your recycling claims.
  • Increase sales by differentiating from competition with recycled products that have a positive impact on the environment.


SgT’s Added Value

We only work for the textile industry hence our knowledge and resources are 100% dedicated to understand what are the expectations of your customers looking for recycled clothes and accessories.