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Green Claim Services

What is a Green Claim?

Also called environmental claim, a green claim is an assertion made by brands, retailers and suppliers about the environmental qualities or characteristics of their materials, goods or processes.

SgT provides Green Claim verification and development services for materials, products and processes:

  • Green Claim Verification: verification, quantification and validation of your existing green claims.
  • Green Claim Development: our experts will help you develop quantifiable, accurate and official green claims.




A few examples of Green Claims we can help with:

  • Low impact denim / EIM verification: verify the parameters given as an input in EIM Software of Jenalogia for producing low impact denim/low impact products
  • Recycled products: verify the product which is claimed to be from recycled source
  • Low energy products: verify the product which is claimed to consume lower energy
  • Low carbon products: verify the product which is claimed to emit lower carbon emissions
  • Low water-consuming / waterless products: verify the product which is claimed to be consume lower water/waterless


Main benefits

  • Secure Brand image by providing accurate & transparent answers to clients
  • Increased Sales by answering the needs of environmentally aware consumers
  • Ensured Environmental Compliance with independent 3rd party proof-checking the green claims


SgT’s Added Value

We only work for the textile industry hence our knowledge and resources are 100% dedicated to understand what are the expectations of your customers looking for “eco-friendly” clothes and accessories.




Green Claim Case Study

Claiming back positive brand image with accurate green claims.


Leading Indian manufacturers developing recycled products.


  • Customers’ enquiries on the environmental footprints and benefits of their products and:
  • No sustainability knowledge
  • Needed to react quickly


  • Tailor-made green claim checklist, adapted to clients’ products & processes
  • Environmental footprints quantification of the products


  • Clear understanding of the environmental benefits of recycled products
  • Advertising campaign on 100% accurate & proof-checked environmental claims