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Calculating The Environmental Cost of Fashion: Green Story and SgT

calculating the environmental cost of fashion - Green Story - SgT2

Fashion brands globally are under pressure to demonstrate and deliver genuinely sustainable products and processes as a consequence of climate change, resource depletion, and changing consumer expectations. Backing up sustainability claims with facts is an essential piece of the puzzle, and these facts must come from quality data.

Fashion brands can use the measurement tool Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to generate quality data on their environmental impacts. LCA enables brands to substantiate their sustainability credentials for their consumers with clear, concise, and accessible information.

life-cycle of the fashion garment

Life-cycle of the fashion garment (Alice Payne)

While LCA data is beneficial because of its high accuracy, researching and collecting the required data and verifying the results is resource-intensive, costing significant time and expertise. SgT is working closely with Green Story to provide assistance and expertise in conducting complex Life Cycle Analyses (LCA).



Green Story is a sustainability solution for checking and offsetting fashion products’ carbon footprints and communicating brands’ sustainability efforts quickly and easily.

By combining supply chain sustainability data with interactive visuals, Green Story enriches the customer experience with sustainability stories throughout the customer lifecycle, enhancing brand transparency, increasing engagement and loyalty, and driving revenue.

Partnering with hundreds of international, sustainable fashion players like Pangaia, thredUP, Armedangels, Esprit, and Hanesbrands, Green Story has a global team of experts passionate about helping brands achieve a greener and more socially responsible way of doing business.

Keen to learn more about Green Story? Please visit their website.

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