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Transparency & Traceability: How to Give Consumers What They Want – ViJi and SgT


Traceability and transparency in the textile supply chain are key to achieving sustainability. Customers also want to know more about the product they are about to purchase: who made it, who will benefit from it, as well as its origin, material and history.

However, the textile supply chain is complex and diverse: it is not unusual for a fabric to travel around the world before reaching the final customer. This is why technology plays such an important part in transparency, traceability and the future of sustainable textiles.

Today there are several apps that review fashion brands and retailers according to specific rating criteria – environmental, human and health, for example – to help them share their transition toward more ecological and responsible activities.

SgT is contributing its practical experience to this digitalization of the fashion supply chain as it moves toward greater transparency and traceability. As textile quality experts with daily operations in the field and in our laboratories, SgT is able to provide technical support and authentication of the information provided on these platforms.

SgT will work closely with ViJi to help provide the right CSR information in the fashion supply chain:logovijiio

ViJi supports brands in their approach to transparency and traceability, and provides ethical decision-making elements to consumers through indicators on the social and environmental conditions of production.

Thanks to the cross-fertilization of supplier / brand / trusted third party data (certifying bodies, control offices, auditors, NGOs, associations, etc.), the ViJi system enables bringing together all the players in the textile / clothing sector and reinforces traceability and the reliability of the information listed on the supply chain of a given garment.
This information is stored, secured and transmitted to consumers in the most educational way so that they can choose their clothes in their soul and conscience.

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