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Textile and apparel growth opportunity in East Africa and Madagascar

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SgT has expanded to East Africa, drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in North Africa to develop activity in Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania. 

The last few years have seen strong growth potential in the textile industry in East African countries. However, the textile supply chain in these countries are at different levels of maturity, and so require varied support and solutions:

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Ethiopia, which recently received impressive foreign direct investment in textile manufacturing – particularly in knitting, weaving, dyeing and garment making – needs to develop its manpower capability. 

SgT is currently supporting international brands with production quality management, capacity building (CSR, industrial engineering, quality management), and audits.


Kenya has a mature and stable garment making industry but is still in need of investment to modernize its textile manufacturing. 

SgT can support local suppliers and knowledge development within factories that have a specific focus on denim and underwear, two significant areas of production in Kenya. 



Madagascar’s industry is operational, with strong activity with the US market – thanks to the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA) – and Europe. Production is strongly focused on added value goods (e.g. hand embroidery).

SgT is providing technical expertise to help enhance capabilities in the country.



Tanzania has limited production capacity, based mainly on locally grown cotton. 

SgT can help brands and retailers ensure their local production is of high quality and compliant thanks to inline and final inspections.


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